The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project

This project that I participated in had a slow beginning.  Simple idea.  They send me a small book,  I fill it with anything I like, and send it back.  It goes on tour for a year around the country in their mobile library.   But like many ideas…some are too big.  What do I want to put on the world stage for all to see. 

And then it happened….I had been carrying around the book for weeks, no closer to an idea, when my coffee spilled in may bag, making a big mess out of everything, including my sketchbook.   I dried it all off and just tried to forget about it all.   One of the victims of the spill was my day planner.  One  day when I was in a meeting, I had my planner open and the pages were coffee stained…and as always I start to doodle on the pages of the day. The coffee stains quickly became continents!  And there it was, the beginning of my sketchbook idea!  Coffee Continents . Java Worlds….and I soon became obsessed.  I almost hated to sent it away, but knew it had a bigger life than just me. 

I have loved not only the idea, but the actual involvement of global art projects.  Connects us all in a special way.  Here is my book.

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  1. Mary, how could you part with the sketchbook? It's fantastic; and it's you! Aside from that first cup in the morning, your use of coffee as inspiration is the best yet!

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