Print Exchange

Print Exchange I recently participated in a group printmaking project.  500 artists, each submitting an edition of 12 prints on the subject “The Drive Home”.   One print to be kept in the Art Library archives in Brooklyn, NY, One print to be in a traveling show around the country,  10 prints to sent to 10 […]

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The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project This project that I participated in had a slow beginning.  Simple idea.  They send me a small book,  I fill it with anything I like, and send it back.  It goes on tour for a year around the country in their mobile library.   But like many ideas…some are too big.  What do

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In The Beginning

In the Beginning… Dad asked “What’s a blog?” How to describe a blog to a generation that did not grow up using the computer… “It’s a online journal, musings and adventures”.  And so it began.

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