November 2013

November 2013

Thanksgiving and Good Friday

This is what Thanksgiving looks like at Art Camp!  60 people around the table.  Sparkly sun on the crisp snow.  Local food.  No cooking.  No dishes.  No worries.   And today..being known as Black Friday…make it Good Friday.  Find artists, bakers, knitters…clever folks around and buy something from them.  A drawing, knitted hat, jar of […]

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Studio Days

I made it here with a very full car and apparenty I did have the kitchen sink and some dancing shoes inside.   I have managed to get it all in my studio and am off and running! My new home…quite cozy. My studio building  and yes all my stuff….like I have been here for

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And it Begins

Artist Residency! I am off today to begin my residency at the Vermont Studio Center, something I have worked toward for some time.  I have had great support and cheering from all around me.  Stay tuned to see what happens.  I will be focusing on printmaking and 50 artists total will be there, which means

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What’s in a Color Name?

Color names are nice, but I think it has so confused people.  I buy wine because of the label and many choose a color because of the name. Who wouldn’t want their bedroom to “Peaceful Serenity,” when in reality, it looks like the color of blue tape. In my new line of color I’ll have

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Studio Containers

I think you can learn a lot about an artist by looking at the vessels in the studio that hold paint, brushes, and random stuff.  I looked around my studio the other day and was impressed by the assortment of tofu, yogurt, and crushed tomato containers filled with color for the latest project.  But truth

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Print Exchange

Print Exchange I recently participated in a group printmaking project.  500 artists, each submitting an edition of 12 prints on the subject “The Drive Home”.   One print to be kept in the Art Library archives in Brooklyn, NY, One print to be in a traveling show around the country,  10 prints to sent to 10

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The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project This project that I participated in had a slow beginning.  Simple idea.  They send me a small book,  I fill it with anything I like, and send it back.  It goes on tour for a year around the country in their mobile library.   But like many ideas…some are too big.  What do

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