July 2009

Month: July 2009

Mike’s IIPicture Three Here is Mike, Ellie, and Melanie all hikers heading north. Melanie got a stress fracture on her foot because she was favoring it and had to sit out in CO for a month. She got back on the trail in mid July.https://maryemerydesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/IMG_0321.jpg

The Beginning May 1, 2009New Mexico border north…nobo The Triple Crown….Not just a horse race. As many of you know Mike is currently about the business of fulfilling one of his life’s goals and that is to hike The Triple Crown. What that means is he is now hiking the third long distance trail, The …

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I get Packages TooKeeping up with Mikes supply of dried foods, equiptment, maps and just general stuff has taken on a life of its own. When he hiked the PCT it was pretty simple. I just mailed his boxes. So how hard could this be…just repeat. Not so.Because of the terrin the equiptment goes back …

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Mike & Mary Visit Denver- Grand Lake CO I flew out to meet Mike as he was “walking ” by the Denver area. We spent a few days together which was great. We drove up into the Rockies and stayed for a few days. I had never been to CO and its a place to …

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Ghost Ranch NM- Southern COPictures TWO This is Georgia O’Keefe country, a person hero of mine! We will be a do over together…by car! http://picasaweb.google.com/MaryEmeryDesign/GhostRanchNMSouthernCO04?feat=directlink

Hiker’s Trail Info Here’s a site for the hikers on the trail. There’s info on trails, people’s experiences, journals, etc. Mike is mentioned few times from other hikers. The drop down menu on right side of the home page has trails to choose from. Pick Continental Divide Trail and read the journals. Mike knows Ellie …

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Family Sleepover Our family is on Nantucket for several weeks but there is a period of homelessness between rentals that has resulted in the annual family sleepover. This year the 3rd of July marked the beginning when everyone moves to the Ranch for the weekend. This year was the record…23. It is always great fun …

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Photographs of Northbound CDT Hikers Laura Ryan (www.clicklaura.com) takes photos of hikers heading northbound on the CDT. She’s in Chama, New Mexico. Check out Mike’s photo here as well as the other hikers coming through.

In The Beginning

In the Beginning… Dad asked “What’s a blog?” How to describe a blog to a generation that did not grow up using the computer… “It’s a online journal, musings and adventures”.  And so it began.

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