Family Sleepover

Our family is on Nantucket for several weeks but there is a period of homelessness between rentals that has resulted in the annual family sleepover. This year the 3rd of July marked the beginning when everyone moves to the Ranch for the weekend. This year was the record…23. It is always great fun …and then I thought of Mike walking alone above a treeline somewhere with only the sound of the breeze and his footsteps and that sounded pretty good too!
A memorable moment happened around 2AM. We had pitched a few tents out back forgetting that we had a sprinkler system that comes on late. After the boys realized that this was not a hurricane with sideways rain, they come looking for me. Amazingly Taylor found me deep in the basement using his cell phone as a flashlight. Unfortunately Uncle Mike was not here to solve the problem. We all miss him! Instead they put the firepit over the sprinkler head. Here are the photos from the family sleepover. Gabe’s are esp good with family moments and insight into the ordinary.
from Mary
from Gabe
from Emeline

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